Fund The Future Project

                                                                                                March 3, 2017

Dear Ferguson Family,

 Holy Name School is grateful for your help and generous donations to support Jaidaly Rodriguez in our school.  Jaidaly is now in our sixth grade class and continues to be an honor student in all subject areas.        

Jaidaly comes to school everyday on time and well prepared.  She always has a smile on her face.  Each year she becomes more and more responsible especially since she is the youngest and only girl in her family.  Jaidaly is now working with her little cousin who is coming to Holy Name and is living with her family.  She is so kind to him and makes sure he is well-taken care of each day.

Jaidaly is also a great leader in her class.  She just finished helping her peers organize our Pencil Grams for Valentine’s Day, works on various art posters for contests to represent our school, and is part of our Student Council.  This month she will help with a can goods drive for the poor.

Jaidaly comes from a very good family who live two blocks from school.  They are hard working parents who appreciate the simple things in life.  Their love and example along with their strong faith have been a wonderful blessing for the entire family.

Thank you for believing in our children and know that your gift is definitely being put to good use.  God bless you!


Most sincerely,

Patricia Quinter, Principal